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September 1st, 2012, 09:00 AM
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We are going to start weaning dd2 to formula. She is 5 weeks old and we have been nursing to this point. I just can't continue for a variety of reasons. I am feeling very guilty because while everything seems perfect, I am struggling emotionally with nursing the same way I did with my older child. I can't keep pushing through hoping these feelings will go away. They never did in my almost 18 months of nursing dd1.

So advice--
How much should I expect my 5 wk old to eat and how often?
How do I help not feeling guilty?
And how can I ease discomfort while weaning?

We are planning to start with just feeds while I'd be at work (7:30-2. If she needs to eat formula it will be). Then increase over the next few weeks slowly as my milk dries up.

I have judgy family and friends on both sides of the feeding debate. Grandma will say "good in glad now you know how many oz she is eating" (since bm just can't possibly be enough...) and others who view formula as poison. Or think breastfeeding should be mandatory.
Ive done the pros and cons and can only think of one pro to keep nursing (it's free) and one page word document of cons mainly involving my ability to bond with my daughter.
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