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September 1st, 2012, 10:08 PM
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Its been a few years since I FF'd my daughter but I will try to help. I FF her from the beginning because I had emotional issues tied to nursing that stemmed from past abuse situations. I did not want to chance associating that negativity with how I bonded with my newborn. I struggled with the guilt that you are talking about too, mostly when people judged me. But in the end my baby was one of the happiest, emotionally bonded baby I could ask for so a lot of my guilt went out the window with that.

How much should I expect my 5 wk old to eat and how often?

I think by 5 weeks they usually are at 4-5 oz every 5-6 hours.

How do I help not feeling guilty?

It takes time. Anytime anyone said something negative with DD it used to upset me and make me feel like a bad mom. But I have developed a new mantra for this next baby: My baby, my body, my business. I will repeat it back to anyone who wants to squash my choice. I have been reading a lot of positive affirmations from this site Fearless Formula Feeder | Infant Feeding Support and trying to find a good online support group. JM is great, but this Formula Feeding section never gets much traffic.

And how can I ease discomfort while weaning? I'm sorry I can't help here. Hopefully someone else can answer this one.

Good luck and take it easy on yourself

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