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September 2nd, 2012, 08:33 PM
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i was induced 2 days ago and gave birth to my 1st child.
my ob appt the day before i was 3 cm dialated 90% effaced with baby girl sitting way low.
so i am induced at 1 pm and 2 hrs later doc breaks water,contractions rock my world,,30 mins later epidural. in 2 more hrs i make it to 5 cm dialated.

nurse comes in and puts about 5 pillows inbetween my legs to help open cervix more. even though i had epidural i could feel some mild contractions on my left side untill i flipped over (turns out epi was hanging half out, didnt know till all was over)

anyway. hr later nurse cant find babys heartbeat, 5 mins of trying to find heartbeat the nurses are getting pretty frantic like me. so they call someone in to do an internal monator and the nurse flips me to the other side to keep trying,right after she does i mentioned to her i felt something weird on my legs.lady comes in to do internal monitor she goes to check my dialation again, pulls sheet back AND THERES BABY LAYING INBETWEEN MY LEGS!!!! I FELT NOTHING! + no tearing.
needless to say we were all stunned/frightned.but baby was completley fine and by the next day everyone and their mother knew me on the labor and delivery floor.
they called my doc afterwords and told her i had delivered,she was in awe.
1st baby,labored 5 hrs, no pushing,no pressure...she just slid out lol

has anyone ever heard of experienced anything like this? she was born on a blue moon and i like to say it was a onnce in a blue moon birth
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