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September 3rd, 2012, 12:58 AM
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Name: Selena
Children(s) Name(s) and ages: Alex 10, William 8, Lukas due 11/4/12
Child(ren) with ADD/ADHD: Alex 10
Do they have ADD or ADHD or combinations type: ADHD. Alex has a lot of food aversions, had IUGR, was premature
At what age were they diagnosed:I should know this but it just seem like forever ago. I think he was 5 but we suspected it sooner
Do you or your childs father have ADD/ADHD: I think his father (my ex) has it but is undiagnosed.
What have you found that helps your child (wether it be meds, deep pressure, brushing, exercise, etc): meds are the only thing that have helped. I resisted meds for a long time
Something about you and anything else you would like to share:I am starting a 504/IEP process for Alex for the first time this school year and am really anxious about him starting 5th grade
~Selena, mom to 3 boys: Alex 10, William 8. and Baby boy #3 Lukas Araya born 10/28/2012

Lukas was born with moderate to severe metopic craniosynostosis with trigonocephaly. Corrective surgery performed March 18, 2013. We are on the other side!!!
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