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September 3rd, 2012, 05:11 AM
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I would say it is normal for him not to care about solids yet. It is another reason to continue breastfeeding in my opinion.

I have an almost 16 month old and I'm still waiting for her to get interested in solids. I have no count on how much she nurses but I'd say as much as 1-2x in an hour when we're home, less when we're out. She still nurses probably 2-3x a night. I'm lazier than you though, only offer her solids 1-3x a day although i probably offer her random snacks more often.

My older had a different pattern. She got very interested in food at 9 months and would down a 10oz bowl (I measured lol) of food at lunchtime. Then at 15 months she went on a food strike that lasted 3 months. I could get like 1oz of food into her in a day during that time. The cause of her food strike was obvious when it ended, her molars finally broke through. Today she is 4 years old and has a great appetite.

If Carlos is growing and developing fine I would not stress about it and just offer him variety of healthy foods.

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