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September 3rd, 2012, 02:45 PM
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25 days old

The activity gym I bought for Jackson arrived on Thursday (or thereabouts), and we put it to use for the first time yesterday. Jackson had tummy time in the morning and in the afternoon. I've mentioned before that the doctor and the lactation consultant both pointed out that Jackson seemed quite strong (as early as 4 days old). And when MIL was visiting, she couldn't believe how well and how long he could lift his head. So it's fun to see him bobble his little head all around during tummy time. He also really liked lying on his back and looking at the different toys and colors. He looked directly in the mirror a couple of times, but I don't think he was looking at himself, probably just the colored reflections off of it.

I've also mentioned before that it freaks me out how close he gets to rolling from his back to his tummy. I'll place him on his back at night, and he always ends up on his side. Well, during his morning tummy time yesterday, he started rolling and ended up evenly on his side. With some more effort, he rolled himself completely over onto his back! I really wish DH would have captured it on video, but he did snap a few pics of it. I was so excited but also freaked out a bit because I don't want him rolling over in his sleep just yet. I'm glad I bought the Snuza for peace of mind because I have no idea where this kid might end up in his crib if he's already this strong at 3 1/2 weeks old.

I pumped about 5 ounces of breast milk, but I didn't want to pump any more until we tried out the bottle. Yesterday evening, DH fed him with the bottle, and Jackson took to it immediately. He also went back to my breast without a problem at all, so I think we're going to do just fine. It was awesome to watch DH feed our baby boy as Jackson looked up at his daddy.

We are using the Playtex drop-ins system. I had read online about pumping directly into the liners and then freezing the liners and storing in Ziploc bags. Then you can just pull out the liner and drop it in the bottle, instead of having to thaw the freezer bag and then pour out of the bag into the liner. Basically, it just saves a step and also money, since I would also have to buy the freezer bags. So that's what I plan to do. I've pumped another four ounces today, and I'm going to try to shoot for an additional four ounces before the day is over. My plan is to pump when Jackson naps, so I don't deplete his supply at my breast. I still get engorged at night, even if he only lets 2 hours pass between feedings. So it would actually be great to pump at night, but I seriously don't want to mess with all that in the middle of the night.

I have the Ameda Purely Yours double electric breast pump. Since I don't have a frame of reference, I have no idea if it works better or worse than other pumps. However, it seems to stop working after a couple of ounces are expressed. And I know I still have milk in my breast because I can hand express it. It just stops being effective after 10 minutes or so. Perhaps as my supply regulates to the pumping schedule, it will be better. Or I might have to use the pump and then hand express the rest. My milk is abundant and flows easily, as Jackson sometimes gets choked up when he feeds ravenously. I've started leaking a lot now, too, so I imagine I'll be able to pump a lot more at session as some more time passes.

Speaking of pumping, my nipples are starting to get really sore and a little bruised. I know Jackson has a good latch, so I guess it's just from doing a lot of nursing. DH went out and ran a few errands for me today, including picking up some nipple shields. I want to have them just in case my nipples start feeling worse. I've heard they are pretty much the only way to give nipples a chance to heal. And my nipples chafing the disposable nursing pads probably doesn't help, so I'm going to break out my LiliPadz tonight when I go to bed.

And in more of a "me" update instead of a Jackson update, my tear is not healing well. It started to feel fine at about 1 1/2 weeks, so I stopped with the sitz baths and peri bottle, which I had used religiously from the first day post-partum. Then I got more stinging about a week ago, so I started using the peri bottle again. It stings badly when I use it though, so I'm just going to do a few sitz baths each day. I noticed that it hurts most when I'm sitting, which is a lot since I'm BF. So DH picked up a hemorrhoid pillow for me, which relieves the pressure on the spot where the tear happened. I'm hoping that will make a big difference. Ugh! If not, I'm definitely calling my OB.

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