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September 3rd, 2012, 10:19 PM
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I was reading something on another forum and it made me think of jealousy in blended families. Have any of you been jealous of your hubby/SO's ex? Or has your hubby/SO been jealous of yours?

Yes and yes for me.

I think I was jealous of the fact that hubby had kids and a past with someone else because she was the one who ended it. I just worried that he possibly had feelings for her. Eventually I came to realize I was way off base and that he was way over her.

Hubby has had some jealousy with my ex. Mostly because we share such a long past. We grew up together and still have friends in common. Plus when we (hubby and I) run into people I knew in the past they always seem to bring my ex up. And hubby knows that until we (hubby and I) got serious I had a pretty good friendship with my ex. We would throw our son's birthday parties together, I was still spending some holidays at his family's homes, and at times we hung out together. He even threw my college graduation party. And because I had moved an hour away from him he was sleeping over at my house on the night he had weeknight visitations with our son. (For the weekend ones he took our son to his house...but for the weeknight one it just didn't make sense for him to do all that driving).

Out of respect for my hubby I toned the friendship thing down a lot. But I still talk to my ex's family a lot because I am still close to them. My hubby has dealt with it pretty well. But at times I can tell it still bothers him.

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