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September 4th, 2012, 07:45 AM
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Originally Posted by Keakie View Post
Dh used to be a lot more accommodating to bm's whims too, and that would sometimes frustrate me (especially since I knew the kind of thing that was being said behind his back, and knew that she was taking advantage of the fact that he's a good person), but now that the crazy has escalated and he's able to see it all for what it is/see the consequences of it, we've reigned the bending-over-backward waaaay back in.
Neely was like that for a time too. I wasn't jealous, but it would infuriate me when he would bend to her desires when I could see how manipulative she was being. But honestly I just think that's how men are. They take the path of the (immediate) least resistance. My ex hucrasband has children with another woman who is bat crap crazy (to a slightly lesser degree than Neely's ex) and he would constantly give in to her just to get her to shut up. Even if he knew in the long run the problem would extend or escalate, it was easier to just say yes and shut her up. His last child with her turned 18 in January and up until that time, he was still doing it because he hadn't been able to reign her in over the years.
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