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September 4th, 2012, 08:52 AM
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Originally Posted by fromustobaby View Post
sounds like you got this down pretty well...
As for pumping, I've never been able to pump and get stuff out for more than 5 minutes...I can still hand express drops out but not the stream, so that sounds right...I went back to work for a while after KAiden, and he didnt mind the botles (3-4 weeks is a great time to start them on that), but he loves to nruse directly off the breast when I got home - just cause he missed the snuggles I think...

Also, I'd say to try Lanolin on your nipples...I get chaffed at first, but I smother them with Lanolin and it helps enough so that I dont even need to use it any more...

The leaking stinks, I leak out one side if I'm feeding her out of the other side every single time...if my breast pads are in an awkward position, I find out very quickly with a lovely milk stain if I'm not careful...fwiw, with Kaiden, I stopped leaking around 5 months, dont know why...
Good to hear about your experiences. I have been slathering my nipples with lanolin since I was in the hospital. I notice that they feel the worst when he's been cluster feeding. I just need to toughen them up.

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