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September 4th, 2012, 11:48 AM
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Dh has never been jealous of my ex. I ended the relationship & my ex is completely out of the picture.

I've had a similar experience to Rachel & Kayla. I've never been jealous of dh's ex in the sense that I thought he might still have feelings for her but I for several years I was realy frustrated because he'd consult her schedule, his dd's schedule & his schedule for visition but never consult my schedule or my children's schedule. It always seemed what worked best for his ex was in direct conflict with my schedule. It always made my life worse.

He doesn't do that as much anymore. It happened once this year. The weekend of dd's dance recital. Not only didn't we have a ticket for dsd for a place that was assigned seating but dd is is the dance company & danced in all 3 shows. So she was gone all weekend after not seeing her sister for 6 months.

I tolerated it this year but made it very, very clear that it will NOT happen next year. Dsd is welcome to come to the show but must come the weekend before or stay after. It's too hard on dd who worships her older sister.

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