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September 4th, 2012, 01:38 PM
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That makes sense. I think from looking at my temps that around 96.8-96.9 is average for me. Sometimes I've started AF with temps aroung 97.2 but then a few days later, closer to the end of AF, they drop back to the 96.8 or so. It seems like somewhere between AF and ovulation my temps get really wacky, the up and down stuff. During the time of AF they are very stable though.

I'm super tempted to get a hormone work up while my husband is away, but it can be pricey and I wanted to try everything we can do first. I haven't felt like we really have had a successful cycle avoiding a pregnancy yet. So since he will be gone for a couple of months I really should just wait to see how my body does under observation free from any intercourse and see if things really do return to "normal" during that time.

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