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September 4th, 2012, 02:26 PM
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Ok, so my partner lives a 3 hour drive away from me, the problem is we are now having baby (after a miscarriage earlier this year) and really we need to discuss next steps. There is no way he will move away from his 4 yr old son, but expects me to maybe leave my entire life to move there, which I would happily do if I was more secure in the relationship, I have not actually met his son yet and so far my boyfriend has not been overally supportive through this pregnancy.

We have discussed that maybe I should remain where I am for a few months following the birth, but he says if that happens then he will only see the baby every three weeks. Now I do understand and I do know that in some situations it is not always possible to see your children so often, but he does have the option. He currently lives 5 mins away from his son, therefore he can see him as often as he likes, I have suggested maybe seeing the baby 2 weekends a month and his son two weekends as he does have his son two nights every week. He is not agreeing to this and expects me to travel to him with the baby as he says the driving would be too much for him. Now in my opinion this is selfish and that he should be treating all his children exactly the same, not favouring one over the other. I would really appreciate your opinion.

thanks so much.
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