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September 4th, 2012, 04:12 PM
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Okay this might all sound a little silly but it is my first pregnancy and I have been looking up everything on the internet. But because of my endometriosis my period has been irregular since March. So it was not a surprise to me that I didn't have my period when it was somewhat expected. But, I didn't happen to write down or remember when I did have it in July. So, the silly part...the doctor will still be able to figure out a due date even if I don't know my last period or have a typical menstrual cycle right?

A couple of other things, my breasts have been VERY tender and full. That is actually the reason I ended up taking the home pregnancy test. But today they are still tender but seem smaller. Does this mean anything? A problem?
Also, I feel a lot more forgetful than normal. Is this normal for pregnancy?

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