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September 5th, 2012, 08:05 PM
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I had it for awhile, and then I had to cancel it because I didn't have time to watch many movies and it was a waste of money to pay for it and not use it. Just a warning to those who use it though. They might keep charging you after you cancel.

I cancelled it, and shortly after, I got married and opened a new account at another bank with my husband, but never closed my old one. We moved out of the state just a couple months ago, and when I went to close the account down, they told me I couldn't becasue there was a pending charge with netflix. They had been charging my account $1.00 every month since I cancelled, which was about a year ago. So just watch your accounts closely if you decide to cancel, or if possible, get a new card so they won't have access to your account.
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