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September 6th, 2012, 01:57 PM
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Back to School!

How has your child settled back to school or nursery and how have you settled back into the routine? They have only been there since yesterday but rhianna is the same as always she goes in sobbing her heart out while reaching out "mummy, mummy" its awful she takes MONTHS to settle then she has accidents everyday so she never really fully settles. Lacey had a half day yesterday, then stayed for lunch today its her first full day tomorrow so we will see at the end of day how she goes.. she does go in happy though and is happy when she comes out but im not sure how the extra 3 hours is going to effect her.

1. What have they been most excited about? Rhianna was excited to see her friends & Lacey was excited to be in big school and today she was really excited she got to stay for lunch

2. What have they been most anxious about? Rhianna hates being left alone and without mummy, she is one of the smallest in her class aswell so she easily gets pushed around or left behind, she tries hard to be like her "peers" but sometimes its a bit difficult, like i was watching her in the playground today (as i had to pick up lacey and she was outside for lunch) and all her friends were running then little rhianna was at the back trying to catch them up she is shy aswell so wont dare speak out to teachers and tell them what she needs so she suffers in silence. I wish i could just sit with her all day in that school!

3. Do they love or hate their school uniform and how easy has it been to get them back into wearing it? They dont seem to mind their uniform at all, they wear it easily but dislike having to take it off afterwards lol
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