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September 6th, 2012, 02:30 PM
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Originally Posted by mamma_anna View Post
I'm not trying to start any heated debates. I'm just trying to understand something, Looking for your honest opinions.

So, last night at church we had a guest speaker and he was talking about "winning souls to Christ" I've heard this language a lot lately and I really don't understand it. It seemed to be presented like a sports competition. "How many souls have you saved this week?" That's not the exact wording he used but it's the impression I got.

I've always believed it's the Holy Spirit's job to bring people to Christ. If we are blessed to be a part of it somehow then we should be grateful for that but it's still God's work not ours. We shouldn't take the credit. We didn't "win" anything.

I'm wondering if I'm missing something in this wording. What do you think "Winning souls to Christ" means? Do you think we should be actively trying to "save souls"? If so, how do you go about it?
I never witness to anyone. Not my place. I am not smart enough that is for sure. Who would listen to me? Now my husband is far superior than me. He loves to hand out tracts & speak. My husband does this all the time 24/7. He is good at it. I let the man do his thing.
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