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September 6th, 2012, 03:38 PM
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Hello Ladies, I have a question and I am hoping you all could help me. it's in regard to ovulation. I do not temp as I have insomnia and I know that would effect getting an accurate reading. I have used off and on the Clearblue Easy Fertiity monitor for about a decade. I like it and the downside is the sticks are costly. Here's my question. On Sept 3 around 1245 ish I took a regular opk and a monitor stick( when a surge is detected the lh line on the monitor stick gets bold and blue) well I got a very positive opk and a 'peak' looking stick. I continued to test throughout the day and the lines were still very dark on both. The following morning I got a peak ( first one that cycle) still positive opk. By around 11 am that morning the opk was obviously negative and I got my second peak Wednesday. Now I read some women ovulate on the 2nd peak, but I also read women ovulate 12-36 after that first positive opk. And was wondering since I had the positive opk Monday and roughly 24 hours later it was negative is it safe to say I ovulated on Tuesday? Any input would be appreciated!! Thanks!

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