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September 6th, 2012, 04:54 PM
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Yeah I hate waiting too! I understand about the 2ww, a little bit at least. We haven't prevented in 4 yrs but weren't trying then either. Now the last couple months we've been trying and I chart my bbt. I wanted to see my gyn before we started but I had to wait so long to get in to see her that we didn't want to wait. Not the smartest idea I suppose since I have the clotting issue but again, I hate waiting! lol. Since I've had these appts they want us to wait till there is a plan... buuuuttttt, I can't say we've exactly listened too well. I honestly think I'm going to have trouble ttc, especially since in all this time it hasn't happened on "accident" or in the last couple months we've tried. I know it could be timing and the fact some people it takes longer.. but I still worry. Also a small part of me hopes that if I get pg maybe they will speed up on getting a plan for me... hopefully! And even if not, I truly think Lovonox will be fine, though I know I'm not a doctor. But anyway.. your right, so far I HATE the 2ww!! I'm sure it only gets worse & harder to deal with as time goes on. I'm trying very hard not to be too serious about going all out on ttc till we for sure have a plan, but I still can't help thinking about it the whole 2ww anyway.

My family is in Salyersville KY and Williamsburg KY. Although I've only been to Salyersville. Ky really is a beautiful state. Michigan is ok too, but the prettier parts are in the UP (and of course its colder there!), I live closer to Toledo, OH though.
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