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September 6th, 2012, 08:21 PM
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OMG...sooo weird!! Is it strange that I think GOD truly works in mysterious BUT WONDERFUL ways? This has been an ongoing battle for me recently? I want to be a Chrsitian woman, don't want to ever seem ashamed or embarassed of my faith, but when does preaching to become preaching at? Simply speaking of the LORD and GOD'S WILL is not always meant to be done in the outwardly way we think. Again; works. I think sometimes I think if I can include Christ in a convo, then I've done well. Not true. The walk of a Chrsitian is more important. Perhaps if we allow GOD TO choose who the convo comes up with and who he leads us to, it won't be so hard. I often feel terribly guilty bc my in laws dont know much about my faith. They think I'm Jewish. Although I would never turn against CHRIST to them, because of my dh and his resistance, I feel it's best to not flaunt it to them in order to not make him even more against it. He really wants his parents approval. right now it's hard enough living in a divided hous of faith that I think if I were to start preaching to everyone, it wouldn't be helpful.

In conclusion, you are not alone. We are not all meant to be preachers but eprhaps some of us need to touch others life with an action that doesn't scream "GOD IN THEIR FACE" but shows the way that GOD loved us. You just neer know what a simple and just kind reaction can do to someone heart without even having to preach.................
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