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September 6th, 2012, 09:31 PM
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20mph in the school zone when flashing here, and 10 mph when on actual school property. Do you think any parents care? NO they are the WORST offenders. I cannot tell you how many times I have seen an accident in the school parking lot, someone 'almost' clipping a child or teacher or other parent, someone who is speeding through the parking lot with more than 2 dozen kids before school and after school, those who ignore the crossing guards, people with road rage, people who 'just barely' stop or think it's funny to 'rev' up the gas to scare their child or other kids. People are so dang stupid in my area. So while the law here is supposedly strict, and the speed limit is reduced here, and all that, it's not really doing much to curb the jerks who just want to act like jerks. For the rest of us normal people? We'd be going 20mph even if there were no sign telling us to go that slow. I think that laws are thought of as just "guidelines" to people these days....ugh

ETA: Parking? Please....people stop in the middle of the road regardless of that it's a through street, not a drop off zone; you see a door open and kid(s) jump out and walk the rest of the way to the school.

Also adding: The limits are for the ADULTS driving. Kids should ALWAYS look both ways regardless of laws and such, but even if they double-triple-quadruple check, adults tend to "come out of nowhere" and hit someone. Even *I* sometimes miss seeing when someone's just coming down the street like a bat out of he__ until they practically hit me, and *I* the pedestrian with the right of way is jumping away. Guess who gets flipped off too? Yep.... I do! People need to either a. look where they're going and adjust their speeds as appropriate or b. NOT drive.
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