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September 7th, 2012, 12:59 AM
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Back to School!

How has your child settled back to school or nursery and how have you settled back into the routine?

1. What have they been most excited about? Jack has just been excited to start school full stop, he hfd a three day taster session in June and as we pass by it everyday we have been pointing it out so he got used to the idea so he was quite excited when we went up to start properly. Jamie never gets excited lol but he was very happy to be going back, Ciara was lookig forward to seeing sall her friends again, after 3 months off she hadnt seen some of them since they broke up

2. What have they been most anxious about? not really anxious at all

3. Do they love or hate their school uniform and how easy has it been to get them back into wearing it?,
Jack loves his, it has been hanging in his room for the last 2 months to get used to and he wants to get dresssed as soon as he gets up and takes it off as soon as he is home, ciara and Jamie dont mind theirs although Ciara finds hers too warm and they get a demerit if they dont have their Jumper on. I love the uniforms although they cost a small fortune, it really is much easier to have them in uniform!
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