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September 7th, 2012, 02:42 PM
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We recently moved to our new town so the big kids are in new schools (and absolutely THRIVING)! We all wish we had done this move sooner. Jax's one week in daycare was literally the worst week of my life and after he ended up super, super sick his babysitter actually moved out here near us so she could keep watching him at home 5 days a week! So now he is doing 2K from home I'm in my next-to-last semester of FNP school and between that and work I have 4 days off between now and Thanksgiving - and during those 4 days DH and I are going to Florida for the DeLuna Fest!! Woot!! We are also breaking ground on building the house - I'll be soooo glad to get it built and over with! Is that enough?? lol
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