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September 7th, 2012, 05:06 PM
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Is this a place to start a journal? Whether it is or not, here's mine!

So those of you that didn't guess, my name is Arwen. I was born February 8, 1982 so I need to get cooking on any remaining babies, but at the same time, I'd rather not try. lol If I was smart, I would so I'm not trudging along after toddlers in my 40's. I have hyperemesis gravidarum with my pregnancies, and it is like having a stomach virus for 9 months. My last pregnancy had 8 ER visits for fluids, one ambulance ride, emergency surgery to try and stop the vomiting, a week long hospital stay, a heart monitor, had to start an inhaler, and it ended with three failed epidurals, natural child birth, and about 15 stitches in places I didn't know could rip or tear. So you understand why I hate pregnancy. lol

My first child is autistic, and the second is typically developing. We can tell. So the combination is like having two only children. The third is for our second child to play with, and it's also my husband's last shot at a boy. He said he'd try for #4, but he'll get #4 when he grows a uterus. Moving on.

Here is my fertility chart. Not charting, just keeping track of stuff. I have a lot of pregnancy anxiety so every cycle I am half way worried that I'm knocked up. lol Arwen's Ovulation Chart

I am starting the Boy Diet to try and make sure this is my last. Gonna combine it with a low gluten or gluten free diet. Wheat just bogs me down, and it's good practice for our future move to Washington. Gluten is the popular thing to avoid up there. lol We are in Louisiana now. I absolutely HATE it!

Well, only other things about me are that I'm an artist(♥ to draw and craft. The poor arts and crafts board here is a ghost forum. =P So I may spam this journal every now and then), sometimes very into politics(but I hate every party equally!!!), and love Jesus with all my heart. There is nothing I can't get through with Him by my side, but I am still terrified of being pregnant again. lol
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