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September 7th, 2012, 08:51 PM
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Well, I am married to a doctor and although we are very different, I think I have a sense of where faith and GOD fits in.

Knowing JESUS and what he actually did IF YOU REALLY know the basics, he died for us as a sacrifice so that we would not be punished through floods, famine, etc , etc. Yes, this life is full of disease, tragedy, and other things but these things are not from GOD, they are manifested from our sinful world and the nature of the human experience; which is not perfect. Yes, GOD may try to teach you something through a struggle, just as a parent might through a "time out" etc......but GOD does not abuse us and force misery on us. If someone is born with an illness or disorder or something happens in life that is tough, GOD is the one that if we turn to, will see us through. He does not promise a pain free and perfect life, but he does promise he will never forsake us. If you were being punished it would make no sense.

As Briar08 said, she has a daughter with special needs...children are born innocent, what would she be puinshed for? Also, if we really ALL go what we deserved than we would not be human. GOD knows our nature. He has said in scripture "Forgive them father for they know not what they do." GOD wanted and WANTS us to have that perfect life....although we can have it after we die, if we accept him as the sacrifice, as his children, he wants us to be happy and while we are here, although we will have pain and struggle, he wants us to know he still loves us and will walk with us til' the next juncture.

Many people have diseases, disorders, etc and there is no way that this means they have done something to deserve it more than anyone else. Unfortunately this world is full of imperfection but with all these imperfections comes the choice of how we want to see things.

So, someone with a child with special needs like Briar08, can think it is unfair ...which is totally normal, but this doesn't mean her daughter isn't perfectly made in imperfection; just like everyone.

I have a debilitating anxiety disorder...OCD, and it has trampled me since I was 5. In all honesty it has led me down many dark paths such as an eating disorder. Know what's ironic? As painful as Anorexia was for me 12 years ago, I am grateful for it because in my greatest moments of despair, I think I found him....=)) Who else was I to turn to?

GOD wants us to have fellowship with him and each other. He made us with the instinct to coexist. If anything, it is UN-BIBLICAL, to live a life of solidarity. Not that it is necessarily a sin, but the bible tells us just as these ladies said.......he wants us to bear one another's can one truly show the Christian way and giving life if he/she is not actively engaging and being loving in another person's life?

Again, from a woman to a woman. I was in a relationship that was unhealthy. This sounds unhealthy and this does not depict what GOD wants. If for any reason you are doubting what we are telling you and feel that your husband knows better, well...all you have to do is crack open your bible and read for yourself. I'm sure your Christian husband would LOVE to see you reading your bible =))
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