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September 7th, 2012, 09:30 PM
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Originally Posted by stucklikeglue View Post
I don't really think that persay. What I don't like is when a mother wins custody it just bc shes the mom. But if the father wins custody it means the mom must be on drugs or so unhealthy she cant take care of her kid/s. I used to think that way till my ex won custody over my son. I'm a great mother. I don't do drugs barely drink but what it came down to was I was going to school and working and he owns his own business and can work whatever hours he wanted. So he had more time avail then I did.
I remember reading an article in a magazine a while back by a mom who lost custody. During her marriage her husband lost his job. He started being a SAHD while looking for a job. After a while he just refused to get a job. They had debt piling up and the mom started working more hours. They ended up divorcing and since he had been a SAHD and had been the one that was the primary caregiver for a long time he was awarded custody and the mom had to pay him quite a bit of money.

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