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September 8th, 2012, 01:44 PM
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My Evyn started pre-school 3 days a week, for 2.5 hours each. I have mixed feelings. We cannot afford private school so she will have to go public. The school are good around here but I see how fast little girls grow up today and how children are expected and exposed to things I think their sweet little hearts should be safe from for a while. I really would consider homeschooling but my dh is so against it. Even when I present him with good evidence. He is kind of that type of person. I encourage him to open up his mind but this is not an easy thing for him. I'm raying the LORD will help our family find what is best.

Very personal, but my dh got in a fight with his daughter who is 11. He is an EXCELLENT FATHER, very affectionate and loving, and all around very fair...I think. He did say some things to her in front of me, on the heels of her refusing to watch the young girls while he ran out, thast I feel was way over the line. He was wrong and I told him so. As I've mentioned before he has a sharp tongue. The good thing is that he realizes this and WANTS to change it. He is trying but I pray for his heart. Anyway, that was a stressful situation. I love my step DAUGHTER soooo very much and am so grateful for her in my life. We have a very special bond so I sort of defended her without undermining my husband.

Dh's ex is also a doctor. It's kind of frustrating bc we literally have 50/50 custody. shared time!!! They live here and there. I pick them up from school 3 days a week, take them to extra curriculars, make dinner, help with homework, etc...and they are also here every other weekend. They have two equal homes. Yet, we pay thousands of dollars in child support EVERY months and that doesn't include splittle extra curriclars, prescriptions, health insurance, birthday parties which are tacked on at the end of every month. Even 20$ co-payas, she will charge us 10$ It is so unfair because child support was really instituted so that the financial burden would not fall mostly on one parent. In our situation, it is completey 50/50 so I feel that know one should be paying child support. She also is a doctor and they make equivalent salaries. (so, same quality life in each home) Well, I actually contacted a lawyer bc I thought this agreement was so un fair, he agreed, but said because DH had agreed to it, there is no real reason to open up the case now. So...needless to say there is always fighting about money. DH pays the child support, even thoguh they actually are with us/ME more than anyone............without complaining, as wel as all the extras. He refused one this month and all hell is beraking loose. =(( I want to see the good in everyone and forgive and pray for her, but she makes it hard!!

Today my babies both have colds =(((
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