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September 8th, 2012, 08:16 PM
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It has been a busy week here I had to travel for work Wed-Fri, which I only have to do a few times a year, but I still hate leaving the kids. DH is so good with them, and I know that really it is only a few extra awake hours a day for him, since I am at work everyday anyway, but I know how much he values the break he gets when I am home ... and I really value the time I do get with them. Luckily they were very good for him and he only had one quick wake-up those 2 nights (They are mine if they wake up at night also, so that he can get a good nights sleep. The last time I went out of town they hadn't been sleeping well and that was miserable for him, so I was SOO thankful that went well this week).
Aside from that we are all trying to get over a cold. I just had a bit of a cough left when I went out of town and DH and Abigail had stopped coughing all together. Well, when I got back Friday, they were both coughing again also .. ugh. It is just a deep chest congestion kind of cough. Not constant enough to really be worrying that it is anything more, but just enough to be annoying. Thankfully Noah hasn't caught it.
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