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September 10th, 2012, 10:57 AM
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Poor Oscar. I hope it gets better for him.

Leah got hit both Thursday (in the nose) and Friday (on the leg) by one of the boys in her class. The teacher explained he has special needs, but Leah woke up this morning wondering how he would hurt her again today. I wrote a note to the teacher, hoping she just keeps her eye out a little, since there's basically nothing I can do.

I am loving the weather too. Tomorrow, it's going back up to summer temperatures, but today gives me hope.

I brought James to the library this morning. He always manages to find another toddler to hang out with. This was his conversation with another 2-year-old boy this morning:
J - Book (showing the boy a book)
Boy - book (pointing to the book)
J - Book (showing the boy another book)
Boy - book (pointing to the book).
etc. This went on for about ten minutes. I love that he's so social!

Dexter is way more likeable than Walt, which makes it easier to watch than Breaking Bad. I don't feel angry while watching it.

In case anyone is bored tonight, the finale of Bachelor Pad is on. We're babysitting our friends' two kids for the evening while they watch the Madonna concert, so we have to wait until tomorrow to watch it.
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