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September 10th, 2012, 05:48 PM
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Hey everyone!

I was active on JM boards thoughout my pregnancy with my son and when we moved to a Facebook group I didn't participate any longer. However my circumstances have changed and I'm now back to hopefully become an integral part of this group. I have two children with my ex husband, Olivia who will be 4 in October and Jackson who will be 2 in October as well. My partner Sara has no children of her own but we we are planning in 2-3 years for me to become pregnant through a donor. I am in the process of a divorce and hoping to marry Sara within the next year. We do live in Michigan where gay rights are nearly non existing but we do plan to go to New York or Canada to seal the deal. We are from a mixed bag. Her family is extremely supportive while mine have chosen to all but write me off. It's extremely hurtful however she is an amazing woman who has stuck right beside me through some very difficult times and my life with my children and her ( and hopefully more babies) is worth it. Thanks for letting me join and I hope to become a part of your group

And I seriously need to update my signature! Lol
Proud mommy to Jackson Paul, 1 & Olivia Jane,
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