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September 10th, 2012, 06:31 PM
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I need something with benefits. I did apply somewhere last night, they called this morning and told me they were sending me something to fill out via email. I've applied before to their Canadian ones, was offered a job but it was offered too late and my plane ticket to the US was already purchased. They seem to have decent benefits, but of course they don't advertise what they pay. I ignored the "desired salary" boxes when I applied, since I'm highly doubting they'll pay what their Canadian counter part does ($10.50per hour). But if I'm going to work a crappy job for min wage, I'd rather sit on my butt and do it than be on my feet.

Witch showed full force last night/this morning. I'm gonna try the vitex, see if I can get in an early O, then the progesterone again, I just feel bad that IF it happens, DH won't be here when I test.
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