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September 10th, 2012, 10:51 PM
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9/11/12 CD 20

Thanks Neka Also thanks for checking on me and helping me through
my last journey to Jakaira......friends make the journey so much better
(especially during all the different stages of waiting)

Remembering all the victims and their families of 9/11.
Praying for World peace.

Jakaira is able to lift her head and upper body before and after laying her down on Boppy Pillow. So sitting is one of her goals of learning.
she can also hold up her head when doing tummy time....very early stage of crawling... I am so proud of her. She enjoys laying on her back and kicking her feet the most.

Yesterday I made known in the private group that I am in, on facebook
that I have started this journal. I cant wait to some of the girls in the July 2012 ddc decide to try for their next would be cool to be in another ddc with them in the future (as well as the ladies on here) all though I hope the ladies on this board all have their babies in their arms long before I am pregnant next.

Love the show The Voice!!! It will be on tonight and tomorrow night.
So addicted.

What I need to do in the near future is find ttc journals of ladies that were ttc #2 then pregnancy journals of people with little ones and pregnant with their 2nd. I like having an idea of what something is like before I jump both feet in and get involved.....its how I started my journey to baby # 1. It all helps in my opinion.

In your own time Jesus send # 2, a little boy with medium brown skin and medium light brown eyes like me. and black curly hair .only if it is your will. If not we will enjoy Jakaira as an only child just the same.


Sept 22-1st nephew turns 4 *
Sept 23rd Af due
Sept 25th- sis in law turns 32
Sept 29-2nd nephew turns 4
Oct 7-Jakaira is 4 months!!!!!
Oct 9-Niece Tamara is 6 months!!!
Oct 24th- a year ago this date I found out that I was pregnant with Jakaira

cycles since having Jakaira:
June 7th,12 Jakaira was born.
July 25th 1st cycle
Aug 23rd 2nd cycle

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