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September 10th, 2012, 11:24 PM
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Jan 2011 I lost my baby boy at 37wks due to cord around his neck....Right away I wanted to try to have another baby. But only became pregnant 6 months later. It was the longest and sadest 6 months of my life. Sometimes it takes up to a year to get pregnant again due to hormonal imbalance. That was my case. So my pregnancy was extremly depressing even though I really wanted it I was so scared it was going to happen again. March 12-2012 I had my rainbow baby. I love him to death. Due to all the grief my relationship is failing and I believe I might have pospartum depression. I also believe it takes 2 years to get over depressing situations so I promised myself not to get a divorce during this hard time. Even with 2 living boys its hard to be truely happy. I miss my happy days. It does take time to heal.Years.

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