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September 11th, 2012, 07:38 AM
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that Vitex makes it quite difficult to read CM. Both this cycle and last have been vary scant on the CM and that isn't me naturally. I even took EPO this time to try to combat the scant CM but it didn't seem to work. Also Vitex does make me ovulate early. I should probably lower the dose somewhere in between 500-1000mg if this cycle doesn't make a baby for us. Five hundred didn't seem quite enough, but twice I've taken 1000mg and it has made me ovulate pretty early.

I'm almost certain that I've already ovulated. The only CM that I had that could have been considered the possible EWCM was on CD8. It was quite a blob but I thought it was from intercourse the night before and didn't finger test it, and I didn't record it. Other than that I've had either dry or very scant CM. Yesterday my CM started to increase in the morning time, but it was a rather sticky, 1/4" stretchy kind (should I record it sticky then?). In the afternoon it had all completely dried up. Intercourse on CD9 was VERY dry.

I suspiscioned last night that I had already ovulated when I noticed my lower abdomen was quite large. Then this morning I got a spike in temperature. I'm really praying that temperature stays up there and doesn't jump around on me.

Praying for a cycle five baby!!!

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