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September 11th, 2012, 02:46 PM
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Ok so M's birthday is February and R's is in March. Since the baby, D coming home, moving into our house AND R's birthday can happen all in the same month we're talking her out to a nice dinner at a time that works out for everyone and giving her a lump sum of cash. (She'll be 14, teenagers love cash.)

M's birthday is the issue. I was planning on throwing him a birthday party at a church hall or something. Neutral location (M's mom doesn't want to go to either of her parents and her sister doesn't want to go to their mom's either because she punched M's cousin because him and M were arguing like 4 and 6 year olds often do.) Then I figured that would be a rough thing to set up from here in VA and that it's likely a good deal of his school friends wouldn't come anyway due to not knowing me and I'm not sure his family up there would help because it's not their thing. So then I thought take him and his cousin to Chuck E. Cheese. The closest one is an hour away. I'm....I'm struggling. I'm frustrated by life in general and I just want to do something other than send gifts that they'll give him after his birthday or not be clear about them being from his daddy since his daddy can't see him for his birthday.
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