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September 11th, 2012, 09:47 PM
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I've been taking vitex for a few months now. I've been adjusting amounts each month. My purpose in taking it was to try to get my progesterone up. The first time I took 1000mg I believe I ovulated on CD 7, FF puts me at CD9.

The next cycle I lowered it to 500MG (this was the amount I took last time I got pregnant), and I ovulated CD21 according to FF. I also think there might have been a conception on that cycle because I had cramping about the time implantation would have taken place.

This time I'm taking 1000mg again and I believe I may have ovulated on CD8. Even my saliva feels dry.

So maybe 750MG is the dose for me.

I have yet to go and check my stored temp this morning. I'm afraid of it jumping around on me again, but am excited at the thought that it might actually still be over the cover line. If it stays up after this initial one degree jump this will be the first cycle postpartum that I had low even temps before ovulation and a sustained rise afterwards. I suppose I can't hold out forever and must make myself check it.

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