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September 12th, 2012, 02:07 AM
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I've battled with my weight my whole life. No one knew why, I was never a big eater. I found out I have Hashimitos Thyroiditis. I was good with treatment until I came to the US. I have had some troubles having someone to monitor me since coming here. I've gained between 60 and 70lbs since moving to the US.

When we left for vacation, my scale read 222.6lbs. When we returned 225.8. Almost immediately I bumped to 231.9 (my highest EVER). I stepped onto the scale this morning, after noticing my stomach isn't hurting as much at night lately (I'm sure it will now that I've said something) so I'm not eating... 220.1!! Over 10lbs gone in two weeks. So I pulled out the Wii Active and did a 20 minute exercise.. it nearly kicked my butt!

But I've had enough with being fat. I can't do anything with my thyroid right now, we just don't have the money (I'd have to break into my TTC stash, rather than just waiting and have the bloodwork run then, I do have enough meds to get me through 4 weeks until i could see a Dr after a bfp). But I'm going to do what I can.

My goal, is to lose another 5lbs this cycle. If we do not obtain our bfp This is my plan.

I'll list them by cycle, rather than month.

Cycle 12-14: Wii work outs,fitness center, and in the pool. 5-8lbs a month. In here DH and I will have started working and I will be able to get my thyroid checked and treated. I may even get insurance coverage in here.

15-24lbs gone.

Cycles 15-17: DH should be home, so we will be TTC again. I will aim for 5-8lbs each cycle unless a bfp happens (I will continue to exercise, but not as much). I will probably do more Wii work outs and the fitness center in the building, since the pool tends to close here for a month or so for repairs. I will have to work harder here, since DH has a sensory disorder and eating healthy is not easy with him around.

15-24lbs gone

Cycles 17-20: Dh will be gone to work. I will aim for 5-8 again while he's gone. I should be able to start walking outdoors at this point, as well as being in the pool. DH gone = healthy foods for me!

20-32lbs gone.

This would give me a total of 80lbs lost by July 1st 2013!! Would bring me smack down to my goal weight! Not to mention should return me to a size 6 or 8! I haven't been in a size 8 since 2004!!

This would bring us right to Vacation 2013, I'd love to go home and have all the weight off, almost as much as I'd like to take a baby home (won't happen, if we have a baby next year, trip is off since we need a passport for baby and that could take a bit).

I also suspect that losing some of the weight could return my periods to normal (lighter), getting my thyroid under control, and getting my muscle tone back... may help me get and stay pregnant. I suspect I'd also enjoy a pregnancy more if I started it between 140 and 160lbs vs adding more weight to my body as it is right now.

I also plan on resuming my vitamins and fertilitea even if DH is not home. Soon as the tea is gone I will switch to just vitex tablets instead (I don't like feeling obligated to drink tea daily). I will monitor my cycles exclusively via CM while he is gone, and cm/opk's while he is home. I have no desire to return to temping, as a job for me will probably mean shift work, it's just easier to skip that part. Cycles DH is home, I will do the progesterone cream (unless I can get confirmed low levels and a Dr willing to give me something else) as well, there's no need to bother if there's no chance of pregnancy.

So that is my plan for the rest of 2012 and the beginning of 2013. Suddenly I'm looking forward to the coming months.
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