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September 12th, 2012, 02:34 PM
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Hello Everyone.

I am a young girl afraid but also eager to be pregnant. I want lots of kids. I want a baby. But it would be terribly unwise at my age.

My situation is this:

I think I am. If I am pregnant I am already almost three months along. I had almost every pregnancy symptom for the first month or so. Nausea, sensitive to smells, fatigue, you name it, accompanied by dreams that were almost like a command, saying 'you're pregnant'. I was really convinced that I was going to have a baby. Took a pregnancy test (for the first time in my life) and it showed up negative. I also had a light period, so the thought left my mind for a while.

But my abdomen has started to grow. My nipples are sore. I feel like I'm crazy. My mother has noticed my stomach too. I took another home pregnancy test that had the faintest little blue line (or maybe I'm seeing things). Went to a doctor and they also told me I had a negative urine test. I asked for a blood test but was told urine tests are very accurate, ie, no. If I am not having a baby, why do I have these symtpoms? Where is my period? Why is my slender stomach popping out like a three month baby bump?

I keep reading online about women who tested negative on urine tests but had babies. I think this is distorting my mind to think I am like them. But it could be true. My problem is that I do want a child, despite ugly circumstances. I've read about false pregnancy... I just don't know. Help me, women! What is going on with me?
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