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September 12th, 2012, 02:59 PM
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Ok so here is my dilemma. I found out at 7 weeks that I am O negative and since I didn't know what my DH was, they ordered the RH shot for me to take at 28 weeks and then after labor so that if the baby is O positive the bloods don't mix and all that jazz. They ordered it early so that in case I started spotting early, they could administer immediately.

Fast forward to my 12 week apt and I have found out that my DH is also O negative (sent him to red cross to give blood) and my in-laws are O negative and my SIL is O negative so we are one big negative family! I go to an office with rotating OB's and that OB said no need for the shot then.

BUT the shot came in and I got a ridiculous bill for it despite having awesome health insurance. (apparently it was because a deductible hadn't been reached). So, today when I was in the office for a check up from my hospital stay the OB who saw me said "you're getting the RH shot right?" And I replied no and stated why. He said "well if I were you, I would do it anyway."

And I'm like askgjagkjalkj what the french!? I can't return the shot or sell it to the dr's office so it's either I use it or I don't. I don't know if I can use it at 28 weeks and not order the one for after labor, but I don't get what the point is. Two negatives don't make a positive in this case! Also, the shot is really expensive and I don't want to shell out a couple hundred for something I don't think I need or don't understand why I need.

AHHHH any suggestions from you ladies? Has anyone been in this situation? Any questions that maybe I should ask my OB at my next visit to clarify? I am just such an anxious person to begin with that this conflicting advice did NOT help!!

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