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September 12th, 2012, 03:43 PM
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I haven't been on here in awhile and I just wanted to post a quick update on our situation.

Ryan and I had court on July 30th. I flat out told him that if he truly loved his son like he claims he does, then he would sit down with me and come up with an agreement before court. He did. He gets every other weekend with the baby and wednesdays from 5-9 (depending on his work schedule) and on the weeks that he doesn't have a weekend he gets Evan from 5-9 (again depending on his work schedule) on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I was granted residential parent. He was ordered to pay $100/wk in child support.

Now onto the problem.

Ryan is insisting that he is paying $200 MORE a month in child support. He swears up and down that the judge made an error. For the past two weeks, he has bugged me EVERY.SINGLE.DAY to give back the "extra" $200 to him.

It's only been six weeks since court and I've only received two payments from him for child support, each $200. I only got one payment in August for the two hundred and have only got one payment this month for $200 (he gets paid every other week) but by the time we go to court I would have received the third so that equals only $600 since court in July. He was ordered for payments to start on July 30th. I didn't get the first payment til Aug 22.

He swears up and down the judge will order me to pay the money back. He swears I will owe him $400 by the time court is here. He said that if I don' tpay him that day at court that I will go to jail supposedly.

I have texts from him stating that the "******* old judge screwed him over and doesn't care" and all the messages from him harassing me for the money back.

I won't go to jail will I? I haven't given him ANY of the money back.
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