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September 13th, 2012, 06:14 AM
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I haven't gotten a decent nights sleep in over a week. When we first got home from Vacation we'd stumble into bed by 1am, sleep like rocks until 11 and be good to go for the day. Now, no matter what time I go to bed, I'm taking forever to fall asleep. I finally drug myself to bed at 4am... and I was nodding off on the couch.. I'm starting to think when I fall asleep out here I should just ask to be left here. By the time I used the bathroom, brushed my teeth I was no longer tired. It's now 7:10am and I'm STILL awake. I think I dozed for 5 minutes at some point.

I already take melatonin to sleep, otc meds that help most people sleep don't help me at all, they disorient me, but not make me tired.

I know it's the change in the season that's doing it, but I can't help but be beyond frustrated. I've applied for jobs, but how the hell am I supposed to work when nothing puts me to sleep at night?

The harder time I have falling asleep, the more my stomach hurts and I need to get up and eat. I was doing so dang good with that, and since going to bed at 4 I've had: 2 slimfast, 2 granola bars and a nutella sandwich.. that's dang near a full day's calories just to TRY and sleep! I really need the job, so I can see a doctor with out bankrupting us. I'd really love to solve the stomach hurting issue, the thyroid out of whack issue and the not pregnant yet issue!

I thought it was the B6 I was taking last cycle... but apparently it's not as I'm not taking it now, and still not sleeping. UGH
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