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September 13th, 2012, 08:28 AM
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I didn't have any family close when I gave birth to my first either, and no friends that I felt comfortable being there with me. Luckily my mom did come in prior to the birth and I had DS on his due date (I wouldn't count on that ever again lol). DH also doesn't handle hospitals well and honestly, just the general messiness of labor was hard on him.

My suggestion: If you have a close friend who you can have be there with you I would... but make sure they are on the same playing field as you with your birth wishes. OR hire a doula... that would be a woman who is trained in helping moms labor and they are there for mom and dad. You would want to interview several until you found one that you clicked with for sure.

What I am doing this time around is having my sister in law in with me. She has not had kids so no experience there (I cannot afford a doula as they are crazy expensive in my area - although my understanding is finding a doula in training is a viable route and they do not charge). We are meeting up several times before birth and she is reading some of the books that I suggested. I want a natural birth, so she and I being on the same page is key to her being helpful for me. She also wants a natural birth when she has a baby so this will be a good "training" for her own lol....

I def. feel more comfortable knowing there will be a woman there to help me through. If my husband were better in those situations ( he did well last time, but I ended up with an epidural so there wasn't much for him to do) I would depend more on him for support.
Not sure if that helps at all.. but thats my 2 cents
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