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September 13th, 2012, 11:27 AM
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I'm O- and DH is A+. He also found out through a Red Cross donation, and got the card, and I'm relying on that to continue with Rhogam shots. Personally, I would not get the shots if they were not necessary.

It sounds like the justification, based on your previous posts, is that you already paid for it? If that's the case, perhaps you can "donate" it to someone else through your doctor's office? Rhogam is Rhogam is Rhogam. The only difference is if it's a minishot (which I received for spotting very early in pregnancy) or a full shot, which is probably what you ordered. I would look into that. You may be out the money - I doubt they could advocate for you selling it to someone else since it's medicine - but it's not like it's sitting in your fridge at home and you might have tampered with it.

I hope you can figure out a solution that you're comfortable with!

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