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September 13th, 2012, 12:05 PM
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When I was sent for a Level II, I was really nervous at first, too. Though the reason they scheduled the Level II for the mid-term scan was due to bleeding and cramping, so they wanted to make sure they knew what it was and had a MFM specialist available to consult. Until then I'd seen midwives, so I was bumped up to high risk, until further notice, I guess.

During the scan (which lasted about a 1/2 hour), they found 10 fingers and 10 toes, and 2 ventricles that were oversized, a condition called ventriculomegaly. We were told about the possible causes and implications, the additional tests that they wanted to conduct, and then asked to wait to speak to a Genetic Counselor, and that's when it hit me that this is serious. I didn't flip out... but my heart started to sink.

Later, I called a friend who is a Genetic Counselor and worked in a similar environment during one of her internships. She said that it's very standard for anyone meeting with a MFM specialist to also meet with a GC, for all of the reasons mentioned above. In some ways, it's making sure that everyone has plenty of information about the situation (even if all of the information is, "your baby is awesome"). And in some ways, it creates another job. I know that's a cynical way of looking at it, but in your situation when there's no acute reason to suspect a GC would be necessary, it does sort of explain why that just comes along with the territory of an MFM visit - which was scheduled for you primarily because the MFM has the Level II ultrasound equipment!

That is a very long way of saying: I feel your anxiety, a genetic counselor feels scary, but I agree with the others and this sounds a lot like standard operating procedure.

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