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September 13th, 2012, 06:12 PM
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I absolutely hate the fact that people say "wow you are big"..."that's going to be a BIG baby", (especially when these comments come from men without children) "you're big for how far a long you are."

Really? Can you please just SHUT UP! I hate that other people tell me that, they don't know how big I should be...just because I'm not as small as you were or your friend was it a bad thing? Shouldn't the baby be growing? Shouldn't I be showing?? I am nearly 6 months!!! When am I supposed to "appropriately show" at 9 months?? COME ON!! And honestly when I look at websites and our site to compare bellies I don't think mine is big at all!! It's not small but it looks just like everyone elses! Grrrrrr

The second thing I hate is when people ask me "so how much weight have you gained so far?" Really is that appropriate to ask me? When is it ever appropriate to ask someone about their weight!! Plus even if I do tell you it's going to be a BIG FAT lie! I always round they probably wonder why it takes me so long to's because im thinking of a FAKE number!! I was ok about it in the beginning I guess because I hadn't gained much weight but lately I am feeling self concious about it and just really would rather not hear comments about it...and I don't think that I look like I gained a ton...but one of my clients said "oh you have gained some weight so far?" I said some??? (trying to joke) ..then I said I have gained alot and he said "yes you I can see" Lol grrrrrrrr

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