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September 13th, 2012, 06:13 PM
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I'm doing alright, I fell asleep around 11am and slept until 2. I ended up with my entire body in a full cramp at 10am so I got up, had some OJ (for the potassium) and took an OTC muscle relaxer. Apparently that did the trick. Now I feel like I've been beaten by a very large very strong man, but I'm awake. I figured I'd be witchy.. but apparently DH is taking that title today

We wanted to do a walk last night, but 1- we stay up crazy late so we'd be walking at 3 or 4am. 2- It was pouring. LOL.

I'm usually not that sensitive to caffeine to be honest. While a can of pepsi might keep me awake if I drank it right before bed, I've never had an issue with chocolate. I did have a mug of fertilitea just before bed... I wonder if it has caffeine....
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