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September 13th, 2012, 06:24 PM
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Originally Posted by K.A.T View Post
Exactly. That's very confusing for a lot of people. It needs to be made more uniform across the board. When DH was paying support the support order gave a monthly amount to be paid, however, those payments had to be made with each paycheck. So if there were 3 pay periods in one month, he had to pay extra that month. If they're going to request payments be made or garnished per pay period then they need to clarify that said amount is broken down properly. Don't give a monthly amount then put it to a weekly or bi-weekly deduction. Make that payment a one shot deal. If the amount is a weekly amount then apply the per pay period deduction. It's the lack of clarity that causes a lot of problems between the parents and generates more money for the attorneys and courts, which isn't right.
Yup, it took me three months to figure it all out. L called and had them mail DH (while working on the road) the information so I could sit and figure it out. Because I don't/didn't work, it fell back on me to make sense of everything for both of them.

DH's is listed as $xxx.xx a week, $xxx.xx a month $xxx.xx per 5 week period. That way we know the absolute MOST we should see disappear from pays in any given month. Having it broken down (and obtaining the data on HOW they worked out how much he owed, right down to the formula with L's income) really made it easier on us to understand.

We also live in a state where it HAS to be paid through the enforcement agency at the cost of $130 a year. It causes delays of weeks at a time for L getting her money, or them not taking it from DH. Miscalculations on how much he owes, then it starts and stops (we have a rather unique agreement, as DH spends half the year unemployed, but we have Reme 50% of that time, so L waived her right to support for unemployed months, as she made more money than DH during that time and may have been liable to pay support to DH 50% of the time while he was off). They're trying to come up with a way to waive her right to support so they can stop doing it through the enforcement agency. She'll get paid faster, more regularly and no fees! (they also won't allow L to use her own checking account, it has to be a state account, with all the fees for doing stuff, which I think is just a money grab)
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