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September 13th, 2012, 06:41 PM
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What's your favorite color for clothes for your baby? Not really needing clothes but I like anything that's not too frilly(lace & velvet)

What is something that you would really like but wouldn't dream of asking for? Hmm...well I do like lots of slings to try out & use. I also don't mind used if it's nice and a good value. I already have a pouch type sling but would love to try the others(except for the maya...hated it). I'd like anything in cloth diaper category, especially for bigger sizes and things I would not likely buy a more spendy dipe(anything over $5-10 lol)

What is something you just don't need any more of? Blankets...I bought a TON. I also don't much care for characters like Disney but I'm pretty happy with anything if it's cute and even mildly functional haha

Have you started or updated a registry since filling out Cassie's PM? My registry is just a lame attempt at making a shopping list for myself so I'm not even putting that out here.

Please everyone respond...I need help finding something
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