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September 13th, 2012, 07:04 PM
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Name(if you wish to share/Nickname: shannon
Family Status (SO+kids):married one son whos named Roran and is almost 13 mnths old

What makes Traditional Parenting the right style for you?: im not sure really what kinda parenting i do ... or what its known as ... id guess traditional though ... i mean i believe in spanking (spanking is diff then abuse) ummm ... i dont like to let my son CIO but if he wont reason or wont let me comfort him for to long i will put him in his crib til hes either asleep or ready to accept comfort to GO to sleep. duno what that means but i think i belong here

Fave Color:purple
Fave Food:hrmmm salad and steak ? ummm or some kinda shrimp pasta
Fave Dessert: blue raspberry slushie i guess
Fave Author/Book: harry poter series vampire series anne rice

Fave TV show: family guy, american dad, cleveland show
fave Movie genre: comedy

Sports teams you follow(if you do): none
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