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September 13th, 2012, 11:04 PM
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Originally Posted by .Nikki. View Post
totally skipping it....wasnt going to because my doc would like me to get it, but i had gastric bypass and cannot handle more than 15 grams of sugar and being prego no more that 5......50-75 first off would never stay down and i think i would be sick for days (not kidding) my doctor said lots of ppl with GB take the test, but i dont believe it..... will have symptoms of GD's if you get it....I know lots of people that passed the test w/flying colors and then came down with not sweating it one bit.
When did u have your surgery? Congrats to you! If you had GB u can't take the drink the others are talking about your Doc is wrong, they will either have u do the 2 or 3 hour test. I had the DS and I have to do the 2 hour testing where I fast and they take my blood, I go eat and come back in 2 hours and they take more blood.

O/T did you have children b4 your GB? I would love to chat with you, your the 1st Bariatric surgery person i have met on Just Mommies, I keep saying they need a board especially for those who get pregnant during that weight lost window you know the b4 18 month post op.

Originally Posted by rjae84 View Post
I just don't want it. No great excuse but I hate needles and I don't want to deal with them again right now. Last time I gave blood I fainted.. luckily SO was there to help with DS but he's not around so much anymore.... so.. I'm thinking about refusing. Im sure I'm fine anyhow... sigh. Anyone else?

And I'm not quite sure how to refuse.. LOL. The optional screenings were no big deal but isn't this one kind of a mandatory test?
Hugs to you Rachel, I wish I lived near you bc I would go with you. I know how you feel about needles and fainting is NO JOKE. I would talk to your Dr and express your concerns, maybe there is an alternative to the blood work. I'm getting it done bc diabetes run in my family and I've already been a little lax in this pregnancy so i want to just try and get back on track.

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