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September 14th, 2012, 07:18 AM
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Originally Posted by Hoping4bby View Post
I absolutely hate the fact that people say "wow you are big"..."that's going to be a BIG baby", (especially when these comments come from men without children) "you're big for how far a long you are."

Really? Can you please just SHUT UP! I hate that other people tell me that, they don't know how big I should be...just because I'm not as small as you were or your friend was it a bad thing? Shouldn't the baby be growing? Shouldn't I be showing?? I am nearly 6 months!!! When am I supposed to "appropriately show" at 9 months?? COME ON!! And honestly when I look at websites and our site to compare bellies I don't think mine is big at all!! It's not small but it looks just like everyone elses! Grrrrrr
Ps, looking at the belly pics, your picture is stunning. Seriously you have the cutest bump. To me it is a perfectly normal sized bump and once again your height, if you are long and short waisted, and how you carry all comes into play. My mom barely looked pregnant with me but with my brother she had a huge belly. It just depends.

You look fantastic though so show that belly with pride and the next time someone asks what you've gained ask them how much weight they have gained in the past 6 months while rubbing their belly. That'll get them to shut it up real fast

Originally Posted by Briar08 View Post
The pizza delivery guy asked "What, they didnt put a zipper in after the 3rd one"
NOOOO. OMG! Tell me you didnt' tip him

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